The Yellow-billed Stork (Mycteria ibis) is a very large bird, 42" (108cm), featuring a distinctive pied body, with a red face and long yellow bill. Small groups feed in shallow water, walking slowly, with bills immersed, stirring with their feet, to disturb prey. When it feels a food item, the bill is snapped shut and it swallows its food whole. They eat both fish and amphibians. They are also consummate pirates, cajoling small Herons or Egrets to give up their well-earned fish..!

Flocks spend a lot of time resting on grassy banks or in trees, in a hunched position. Like most Storks, the sexes look similar.

The Yellow-billed Stork is a common resident along lake edges, rivers, coastal estuaries and other wetlands. Its most common breeding ground is near Kisumu, by Lake Victoria.

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Yellow-billed Stork

Yellow Billed Stork standing beside river.