The White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) is a huge pied stork, 48" (122cm) and a common Paleartic, visiting Kenya between Oct-Apr. It nests in the Northern Hemisphere, often in association with man.

It is an opportunistic feeder, often found near insect outbreaks or where recent burning has killed a variety of small prey. They also follow herds, feeding from the disturbed insects.

The White Stork is often seen alone, or in huge flocks, as many as 5,000, soaring in the skies, or feeding on the ground. In Europe, they are often seen nesting on rooftops of buildings and traditionally feature in folklore, as the deliverer of babies.

Like many other Storks, the White Stork has no syrinx, or vocal cord, which prohibits them from making any calls. Instead, it is often heard clattering its beak.

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White Stork ~ Head Turned

White Stork, side-on, head turned.

White Stork ~ Walking

White Stork walking, leg raised.

White Stork ~ Eating Centipede

White Stork ~ Eating Centipede