Defassa Waterbuck Facts:
The Defassa Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) is a common Antelope, found all over grassslands in Kenya. A large Antelope, they stand around 4'6" (135cm) at the shoulder and the male can weigh up to 47 stone (300kgs).
Named the Waterbuck for good reason, they will spend many hours standing in water, feeding from the fresh grasses growing in shallow ponds and lakes.
The Waterbuck stay in large herds of up to 600 females, with dominant males standing away from the herd.
The Defassa Waterbuck are found in Kenya and surrounding areas, characturised by their white rump. The other species of Waterbuck is the Ellipsen Waterbuck, found in Southern Africa and has a white ring around its tail.
After a gestation period of 2380 days, a single calf is born, weighing some 13kg and remains hidden for the first month. It will live up to 18 years.

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Defassa Waterbuck

Female Waterbuck in forest clearing, side-on.

Defassa Waterbuck ~ Male

Male Waterbuck side-on, big horns.

Defassa Waterbuck ~ Suckling

Waterbuck mum with suckling baby.

Defassa Waterbuck ~ Females

Waterbuck female, white rear, head turned.

Defassa Waterbuck ~ Calf

Waterbuck baby, small horns, side-on.

Defassa Waterbuck ~ Proud Males

Two Waterbuck males, side-on

Defassa Waterbuck ~ Male, Side On

Male Defassa Waterbuck, side-on, standing.

Defassa Waterbuck ~ Male, Watching

Defassa Waterbuck male, side-on, head turned.