Vervet Monkey Facts:
The Vervet Monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus), or Black-faced Monkey, is common throughout Kenya and a pest in holiday resorts, brought about by many tourists feeding them. Outside which, they have the greatest range of any African mankey and are found throughout Kenya.

The one big identifying feature is the powder blue scrotum of the male, although there is no other monkey that looks similar.

Living in troops of 20 or more, they sleep mostly in trees, occasionally, cliffs. They mainly eat fruit, flowers, leaves * seeds at ground level, but will feast on tree resin too. They will also eat small insects and invertabrates.

Social ranking is well marked and established within each troop, which is multi-sexed. Births occur at any time of year, monkeys taking pleasure from sex. After a gestation period of 165 days, a single youngster with a pink face is born. Life expectancy is up to 30 years in captivity.

Vervet Monkeys make quiet coughing noises and a 'gargle' on contact. Harsh chattering is heard on seeing predators, or given in warning, in cases of conflict.

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Vervet Monkey ~ Portrait

Vervet Monkey head only, shining eyes.

Vervet Monkey ~ Genitals

Male Vervet Monkey in tree, showing colourful genitals.

Vervet Monkey ~ In Tree

Male Vervet Monkey in tree, swinging.

Vervet Monkey ~ Show-off

Vervet Monkey male with red & blue genitals.

Vervet Monkey ~ Suckling

Vervet Monkey ~ Suckling