The Striated Heron, also known as the Green-backed Heron, (Butorides striatus atricapillus) is a medium sized bird, 16" (40cm), but small for a Heron and has short legs, with a hunched posture.

It is very shy, frequenting mangrove creeks and shaded river or lake areas, with overhanging vegetation, where it creeps among low waterside branches and roots. During the breeding season, its legs change from yellow to pink.

It is found throughout Kenya, except in the north and now scarce in Lake Turkana, due to falling water levels. The Masai Mara is one of only a few nesting sites for this species.

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Striated Heron ~ & Butterfly

Striated Heron eating Butterfly, standing by river.

Striated Heron ~ Eating

Striated Heron eating a Moth beside water.

Striated Heron ~ & Reflection

A Striated Heron, with its reflection in a pool of water in a dried-up river in Kenya.