Somali Ostrich (Struthio [camelus] molybdophanes)

The Somali Ostrich is a massive bird, 108" (270cm); taller than a man and males can weigh over 320lbs (145kg).
The male Somali Ostrich has blue fur on their face, neck and legs. The bill and front of the legs are pink. The body is black, with white wings and tail that often look grubby. The large eyes are pale greyish-brown.
The female Somali Ostrich has pink-brown face, neck and legs. The body is brownish-grey and the eyes are a grey-blue.
The Somali Ostrich is often regarded as a seperate species from the Common Ostrich (Struthio camelus massaicus).

The Somali Ostrich is usually found on its own, or in pairs. For further information, see Ostrich.

The Somali Ostrich is an omnivore and eats leaves, roots and seeds - as well as a variety of large insects and small mammals.

The Somali Ostrich is found in Kenya, from the east side of Lake Turkana, to Wajir, south to Samburu & Shaba GRs, Lake Nakuru NP, Meru and south to Tsavo East NP.

Extra Facts
The Somali Ostrich and the Common (Masai) Ostrich overlap in some areas of Kenya, but the Somaili Ostrich prefers bushier, more thickly vegetated areas, where it feeds largely by browsing, while the Common Ostrich is mainly a grazer on open savanna.

Photographed in Meru National Park.

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Somali Ostrich ~ Male Inspecting Legs

A large male Somali Ostrich, with its bright blue breeding plumage, in Kenya's Meru National Park, bent double, inspecting its legs.

Somali Ostrich ~ Head Portrait

Portrait of a Somali Ostrich head, seen from a normal man's height.

Somali Ostrich ~ Huge Feet

A male Somali Ostrich, bent double, picking a tick off its lower leg.