The African Serval Cat (Leptailurus serval) is not easily spotted, because it does most of its hunting in tall grasses, looking for mice and other small prey.
By comparison to its body size, the Serval Cat has the longest legs of any cat. Its long, agile feet enable it to quickly trap prey. The other distinctive feature of a Serval Cat are its ears. Long and pointed, they act like radars, listening for small scuffling sounds...
Images in this Gallery were taken in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

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Serval Cat ~ Portrait

Serval Cat portrait, head & shoulders, licking lips.

Serval Cat ~ Kitten & Mum

Serval Cat, with kitten, affectionate pose.

Serval Cat ~ Kitten Love

Serval Cat and kitten, walking side-by-side.

Serval Cat ~ Kitten Trip-up

Serval Cat with kitten walking underneath her.

Serval Cat ~ Suckling

Serval Cat ~ Suckling

Serval Cat ~ Kitten Suckling

Serval Cat ~ Kitten Suckling