Sable Antelope Facts:
The Sable Antelope (Hippotragus niger) is only found in Shimba Hills in Kenya. It is fairly rare to see this endangered species, but there is a herd numbering around 100.
A large Antelope, the Sable Antelope can weigh up to 40 stone (600lbs / 270kgs) and have huge horns which can grow to over 3' (1m) long. These horns are used in battles for dominance, rarely inflicting real damage. The same horns, however, have been known to kill Lions, who are partial to Sable Antelope meat.
A single male (known as a Bull) will have up to 30 females in his herd. Male Calves are thrown out of the herd at around 3 years of age, forming groups of males who fight for dominance, subsequently taking over a small group of females from over-sized herds.

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Sable Antelope ~ in Shimba Hills

Sable Antelope herd, standing side-on.

Sable Antelope ~ Herd

Sable Antelope herd in forest clearing.

Sable Antelope ~ Bull

Male 'bull' Sable Antelope standing side-on.

Sable Antelope ~ Giant

Herd of Sable Antelope in forest clearing.

Sable Antelope ~ Portrait

Sable Antelope portrait, head & shoulders.