Reed Cormorant (Phalacrocorax africanus)
aka Long-tailed Cormorant

Reed Cormorants are large, 22" (56cm) birds. Predominantly brown-ish above with off-white / silver margins and white below, with some dark feathers on the breast. Its eyes are red and facial skin is yellow-orange to red. The short bill is yellow. The tail is long.

Reed Cormorants are usually seen on their own, perched on rocks or branches on lake shores.

Reed Cormorants eat fish and frogs, swimming at speed, to considerable depths, using their fully webbed feet. Sometimes seen in shallow water, taking small fry or aquatic invertebrates.

Reed Cormorants are seen around most of Kenya's large lakes and smaller waterways, from Turkana to the coast. It inhabits freshwater, alkaline and coastal waters.

Extra Reed Cormorant Facts
Reed Cormorants are often persecuted by fishermen, because it is felt they are competitors for the same quarry.

Photographed at Kenya's Meru National Park, Mfangano Island, Nairobi National Park & Lake Baringo.

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Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant ~ Wing Pattern

Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant, showing the detail of feather pattern in their wings.

Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant ~ Looking Over Shoulder

Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant, perched on a branch, looking over its shoulder.

Reed Cormorant ~ Perched

Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant, perched on the branch of a tree, overhanging a slow-moving stream in Meru, Kenya.

Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant ~ Youngster

A young Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant, with brown and off-white feathers, but having attained the red eyes of an older bird.

Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant ~ Scratching

Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant, perched on a branch, scratching its chin with its webbed foot.

Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant ~ Lake Baringo

Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant, perched, showing its red eye and feather details on back and breast.