Bristle-crowned Starling (Onychognathus salvadorii)

The Bristle-crowned Starling is a medium sized, 16.5" (42cm) bird with an exceedingly long tail. It is blue-black all over, that shows up as glossy in good light. In flight, its primary flight feathers show as chestnut. It's distinctive features are the cushion of bristles on its forehead and deep red eyes.

The Bristle-crowned Starling is usually seen in pairs or small flocks, high in tree canopies and will travel long distances to find fruiting trees.

The Bristle-crowned Starling is particularly fond of the fruit produced by the Salvadora (toothbrush) tree and will come to the ground to eat them.

The Bristle-crowned Starling is seen in Kenya from Lake Baringo, north, to the Sedan & Ethiopia borders. It favours arid areas below 1,300m.

Extra Facts
The Bristle-crowned Starling has a call that sounds like a sharp whistle "shreep-rr".

Photographed beside Kenya's Lake Baringo.

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Bristle-crowned Starling

A Bristle-crowned Starling, see beside Kenya's Lake Baringo, in the Great Rift Valley.