Crested Guineafowl (Guttera pucherani)

Crested Guineafowl are a large, 20" (50cm) bird, with a shaggy crest of fine black feathers on top of its head. Beneath which, is a red face, eyes and throat. Around its neck is a 'collar' of cobalt blue, devoid of any feathers. Its body is black, spotted with small round light blue spots. Brown wing patches are usually seen beneath the folded wings.
Another race (Guttera verreauxi), has a blue face, dark eyes and a black 'collar'.

Crested Guineafowl are shy, retiring birds that live in forests, but can be found on roads & paths after rains. Although they may fly to tree canopies, if disturbed. They flock in groups of up to 20 individuals.

Crested Guineafowl eat fruits from the canopies of trees, seeds and insects from the ground.

Crested Guineafowl (pucherani) are found in coastal regions, spreading inland to the eastern edge of the Kenya highlands.
Crested Guineafowl (verreauxi) are found in western Kenyan highlands (Mau Forest, Nandi and Kakamega Forest), then east, to south Aberdares. Also found in parts of Mara GR.
These are forest birds, shunning open areas. They are not found above 3,000 metres.

Extra Crested Guineafowl Facts
Crested Guineafowl are seen in groups, but are monogamus, mating for life.

Photographed in Kenya's Meru NP.

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Crested Guineafowl ~ Pair

Pair of Crested Guineafowl walking across a murram road in Kenya.

Crested Guinefowl ~ Trio

Three Crested Guineafowl walking on a dirt road in Kenya's Meru National Park.