Heuglin's Courser (Rhinoptilus cinctus)
aka Three-banded Courser

Heuglin's Courser are small, 10.5" (27cm) birds, with a pale brown face surmounted by a heavily streaked crown. The brown upperparts have well defined buff-edged feathers forming a scaly pattern. They have a white chest and broad mottled-brown breast band with a band of chestnut above and below. The underparts are white. Under the wings is white, with black tips. The bill is yellow, tipped with black. The long legs and feet are olive-yellow. They have no rear toe, seeming to balance on their front toes. The sexes are similar.

Heuglin's Courser are nocturnal birds, generally found resting in groups, in the shade, during the day. Having long legs and no rear toe makes these birds very fast runners, which they prefer to flying. Their colouration and the surroundings they reside in provides excellent camoflage. If challenged, they will freeze or crouch, then run, before they consider flying.

Heuglin's Courser are insect eaters.

Heuglin's Courser are seen in semi-arid areas of bushland. Seen north, east and south of Mt Kenya, also Mara GR. Being nocturnal, they are difficult to find.

Extra Heuglin's Courser Facts
Heuglin's Courser nest on the ground, creating no more than a scraped-out hollow, sometimes lined with grass. The nests are situated under bushes and are well camoflaged.

Photographed at Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Heuglin's Courser ~ Portrait

A full-size, side-on portrait of Heuglin's (Three-banded) Courser, head slightly turned, showing a white band joining on its hindneck.

Heuglin's Courser ~ Group

A group of three Heuglin's (Three-banded) Courser hiding in the shade under a tree during the day.

Heuglin's Courser ~ Plumage

A side-on portrait of Heuglin's (Three-banded) Courser, showing its plumage perfectly.

Heuglin's Courser ~ Life-size

A life-size portrait of a Heuglin's (Three-banded) Courser.

Heuglin's Courser ~ Three-banded

A close-up of Heuglin's Courser, aka Three-banded Courser, showing the three bands on its chest.