Images of African Elephant Orphans. These photos of Baby Elephants have all been taken in Kenya, at Daphne Sheldrick's Elephant Orpanage just outside Nairobi, in the confines of the Nairobi National Game Park.

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African Elephant Orphan ~ Baby & Blanket

Orphaned Baby Elephant, wearing a blanket sun-protector

African Elephant Orphan ~ Baby Struggling

Orphaned Baby Elephant Struggling Out Of Pool.

African Elephant Orphans ~ Mud Slinging

Elephant Orphanage keeper shoveling muddy water over baby Elephants.

African Elephant Orphans ~ Mud Splashing

Two baby Elephants splashing in muddy water.

African Elephant Orphans ~ Clouds of Dust

An Orphaned Baby Elephant Blowing Dust Over Himself

African Elephant Orphans ~ Dust Bathing

2 Baby Elephants blowing dust from their trunks.

African Elephant Orphans ~ Dominance

One baby Elephant on top of another, dominating.

African Elephant Orphans ~ Play Scene

Four Elephant babies, playing in dust-bath.

African Elephant Orphan ~ Comical Baby

A baby Elephant's trunk is a great source of wonder. It flaps this way - and that, but what is it for? The baby Elephant in this image was an orphan at Daphne Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage, just outs

African Elephant Orphans ~ Crash Dive

Baby Elephant slipped in mud, fallen trunk down.

African Elephant Orphan ~ Pushing Post

An Orphaned Baby Elephant Pushing A Wood Post Over

African Elephant Orphan ~ Muddy Playtime

Baby Elephant playing in a mud bath.

African Elephant Orphan ~ in Mud Bath

Orphaned baby Elephants, playing, mud bath.

African Elephant Orphan ~ Milk Guzzler

An orphaned baby African Elephant Drinking Milk.

African Elephant Orphan ~ Bottoms Up for Baby

Baby Elephant drinking from bottle of milk.

African Elephant Orphan ~ Baby Chewing A Stick

Orphaned Baby Elephant at Daphne Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage

African Elephant Orphan ~ Baby Foot

Portrait of foot of a baby Elephant.

African Elephant Orphan ~ Baby & Stick

Portrait of baby Elephant holding stick of wood.

African Elephant Orphan ~ Baby Ear

Portrait of baby Elephant's ear.

African Elephant Orphan ~ Baby Eye

Orphaned Baby Elephant portrait, showing eye.