Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe)

The Northern Wheatear is a small, 6" (15cm) bird. Both sexes have white underparts, rumps and tails that show a black inverted T in flight. They have off-white throats and breasts.
The male, with breeding plumage, features a grey cap, nape and mantle. His dark face patch contrasts with the white superciliary stripes. His wings are blackish, with off-white edges. Without his breeding plumage, he is more brown above, with a brown mask.
The female has a buffy supercilium and pale brown back, contrasting with her darker brown wings.

The Northern Wheatear is commonly seen perched in a prominent position, pumping its tail up and down.

Northern Wheatears eat insects and larvae, mostly on the ground, but also gleaned from leaves or mid-air.

The Northern Wheatear is a paleartic migrant, seen all over Kenya, except in far East and North-West, during October to March. They favour open, green countryside, usually between 1300m > 2500m but are also seen at the coast.

Extra Northern Wheatear Facts
The Northern Wheatear migrates to UK or Europe for the Summer months.

Photographed in Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy, bordering Mara GR.

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Northern Wheatear ~ Male, Perched

Northern Wheatear, prominently perched on a dead twig in Kenya.

Northern Wheatear ~ Male On Grass

Male Northern Wheatear, standing side-on in setting sun.

Northern Wheatear ~ Male Walking

Male Northern Wheatear, busy feeding on the ground on insects.

Northern Wheatear ~ Male in Breeding Plumage

A Northern Wheatear male, in breeding plumage.