Northern Black Flycatcher (Melaenornis edolioides)

The Northern Black Flycatcher is a small, 7" (18cm), slim bird with slate black body, brown wings and long, squared-off tail. The eyes are dark brown. Bill is black. Legs and feet are blackish-grey.
This bird is often confused with the:
Common Drongo, whose eyes are red, it has a forked tail and heavier bill.
Southern Black Flycatcher, whose body is blue-black and is never in the same area.

Northern Black Flycatchers are usually seen singly, perched amongst bushes or trees. They nest in a hole or reuse the old nest of another species. They lay 2 - 3 eggs.

Northern Black Flycatchers perch on branches near the ground and fly down to capture insects on the ground or airborne, returning to a perch to eat.

Northern Black Flycatchers are seen from Kenya's Mt. Elgon, east to Saiwa swamps and south to Mara GR. Fairly commonly seen at the edge of woodlands or cultivated areas, usually perched in the middle of trees or bushes.

Extra Northern Black Flycatcher Facts
The Northern Black Flycatcher calls are varied, from a soft 'sweetchy', to harsh, scolding calls and will occasionally mimic other birds.

Photographed in Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Northern Black Flycatcher

Side view of Northern Black Flycatcher in high definition.