Narina Trogon (Apaloderma narina)
aka Narina's Trogon

Narina Trogons are medium-sized, 12" (30cm) birds, with bright greens and reds. The underside of the tail is pure white.
Males have bright green upperparts and on the breast. The underparts are bright red. His wings are mostly grey and tail is dark blue-green on top, with three outer pairs of white feathers. His bill is mostly yellow. A bare patch of skin below the bill and above the brown eye are pale blue. Bare patches behind the bill and below the eye are yellow-green.
Females have brown faces and throats. The breast is grey-pink, the belly and vent are red. Bare patches of skin on the face are blue or blue-green.

Narina Trogons are elusive birds of forests, often seen perched for long periods but happy in the presence of humans. Mostly seen as a monogamous pair. They nest in tree hollows, lay an average of 3 eggs and both parents incubate the eggs for up to 3 weeks. The chicks are able to fly within a month, but stay with the parents as a family group for some months after.

Narina Trogons dash off their perches in a blaze of colour to catch insects and invertebrates from branches or leaves, often returning to the same perch. Occasionally, they take rodents and small reptiles from the ground.

Narina Trogons are forest birds, seen in the Kenyan highlands from Mts Elgon, Kulal, Marsabit and the Matthews range, south to Mara GR and Nguruman Escarpment. A sub species, A.n. littoralis is seen along the coast, from Shimba Hills north to the Usambaras.

Extra Narina Trogon Facts
Narina Trogons have a distinctive but mournful call "kroo~KROOO", with emphasis on the second part of the call.
François Levaillant, a French explorer and ornithologist (1753-1824) had a South African mistress of the Khoikhoi tribe, whose name he couldn't pronounce, so he named her Narina, meaning 'flower' in her native language - The Narina Trogon was named in his honour.

Photographed in Kenya's Nakuru National Park.

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Narina Trogon ~ Perched

Male Narina Trogon, perched in the open on the edge of a forest beside Lake Nakuru, Kenya.