Mountain Buzzard (Buteo oreophilus)
aka Forest Buzzard

Mountain Buzzard are large, 18" (45cm) birds, with off-white underparts with dark brown blotches. Brown upperparts. Its flight feathers are off-white beneath, with barring on the secondary feathers.. Its wing-tips and trailing edges are black. The underparts of the tail are grey, with narrow bars and a broad subterminal band. The cere (above the bill), legs and feet are yellow.
In flight, the silhouette is identical to that of the Common Buzzard.

Mountain Buzzards are seen alone or in pairs, soaring above montane forests, moorland and sometimes farmland. They build nests out of sticks, lined with leaves, situated high-up in tall trees. Two eggs are laid and the chicks fledge at approximately 6 weeks, although they are dependent on their parents for several months afterwards.

Mountain Buzzards eat small mammals and reptiles, mostly taken by gliding down from the wing. Occasionally eat large insects.

Mountain Buzzards are commonly seen in areas of Kenya over 2,000 metres.

Extra Mountain Buzzard Facts
Mountain Buzzards have a cat-like call "peeeoo~peeeoo".

Photographed in Kenya's Nairobi National Park.

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Mountain Buzzard ~ Perched

Mountain Buzzard, perched on top of an Acacia in Kenya.