Mantled Guereza (Colobus guereza)
aka The Guereza, the Eastern Black-and-White Colobus & the Abyssinian Black-and-White Colobus.

Mantled Guerezas are an overall black, with a mantle of very long, white hair around their sides and lower back. They also have white foreheads, cheeks and short beards. Their tails are long, starting out black and gradually becoming white at the end.
Mantled Guerezas, from Nakuru, Aberdares & Mt Kenya areas, are very similar to the Angola Colobus, which have black faces and are generally only found in the south coastal region of Kenya.

A single, all white Mantled Guereza is born, weighing around 1lb (450gm) after a gestation period of 180 days. The baby starts to wean at 2 months, but it takes a year before it is fully weaned. It will live at least 22 years, unless predated. It is between 1 and 2 years before the female will mate subsequently.

Mantled Guerezas were predated by man, for both their meat and fine coats. Many live in game parks today, seeming to know they are protected. Birds of prey, particularly Verreaux's Eagle and Leopards are the natural predators of Mantled Guerezas.

Mantled Guerezas are found in troops of between 7-11, very occasionally more. Usually, there is just one male, with his harem, plus juveniles. Their territories are strongly defended and other troops, or batchelors are chased away from the core area - being around 30 acres. In the early morning, they bask in the sun, high up in tree canopies. Most spend their entire time in trees, but it isn't unknown for others to forage, or travel, on the ground.
Between feeding, they allow their digestive systems time to work and rest, groom or travel.

Mantled Guerezas eat mostly leaves, but also take fruit. In some areas, they confine their eating to just one or two tree species.

Other Mantled Guereza Facts
Mantled Guerezas have a very low-pitched but far-carrying roar (or croak), which is then answered by neighbouring troops from as far away as a mile.

Photographed along Kenya's Burguret River (below Mount Kenya).

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Mantled Guereza Colobus ~ At Trout Tree Restaurant

Mantled Guereza Colobus preening while sitting on poles erected by folk at Trout Tree Restaurant, Nanuki.