Little Stint (Calidris minuta)

Little Stints are small, 6" (15cm) birds, belonging to the Sandpiper family. They have grey-brown upperparts with dark-coloured feather shafts. The underparts are white, with speckled grey-brown patches on the breast, sometimes forming a band across the breast. The short, fine bill, legs and feet are black. During the April - May breeding season, the upperparts, face and neck become more rufous and have bold, dark central marks on the back.

Little Stint are gregarious birds, often gathering in large flocks. They are very active birds throughout the day, wading in shallow water with quick movements.

Little Stints mainly eat insects and invertebrates; also crustaceans and molluscs. They will take from the land, but are primarily wading birds, feeling for prey with the tips of their bills and feet.

Little Stints are paleartic migrants, seen all over Kenya from August to May, except in the far east. Common on Rift Valley lakes and around coastal mudflats.

Extra Little Stint Facts
Little Stints have a high-pitched call "chi~chi~chi~chit" or "till~till~till~till".

Photographed at Kenya's Nairobi National Park.

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Little Stint ~ Foot Raised

Little Stint, wading in shallow water, with foot raised.

Little Stint ~ Reflection

Little Stint looking into a rock pool for food, its bill reflecting in the water.

Little Stint ~ Portrait

Little Stint, head cocked to one side, looking for sky-borne predators.