Hadada Ibis (Bostrychia hagedash)
aka Hadeda Ibis

Hadada Ibis are very large, 32" (82cm) birds. They are a light brown bird, with a mix of iridescent blues, greens, purples and tans in the wings, when seen in good light and quite distinct when seen from above and in flight. The long decurved black bill has a diagnostic red band along the top. The eye is brown, with a distinct white ring. They have an off-white 'moustache' from the bill, sweeping backwards across its cheek. The legs and feet are dark grey and occasionally, the tops of the feet are red. Similar to the Glossy Ibis, but lighter in colour and more stout.

Hadada Ibis are usually seen in pairs or small groups. They are at home in the company of people, often seen in gardens. Like the Sacred Ibis, they spend considerable time walking, probing for food and flying between feeding areas in a slow, jerky manner. They fly without the feet protruding beyond the tail and the bill angled downwards. They nest in larger groups (unless breeding) and are highly vocal between roosting and feeding areas, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Hadada Ibis are carnivorous, eating insects, worms, frogs and small lizards, prodding the ground with their long bills in search of prey. They will also take molluscs and small fish, if seen while drinking.

Hadada Ibis are common in south, west, central and the far north-east of Kenya. They are very common around the suburbs and parks of Nairobi. They favour rivers, streams, lakes, marshland, moist grasslands, edges of forests and cultivated areas.

Extra Hadada Ibis Facts
The Hadada Ibis gained its name from its raucous 'laughing call' haa~haa~haa and sometimes a single haaaa.

Photographed at Kenya's Mfangano Island (Lake Victoria) and Meru NP.

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Hadada Ibis ~ Searching

A Hadada Ibis, searching for food in long grass.  It appears to be listening and not just probing the ground.

Hadada Ibis ~ Hunting

A Hadada Ibis hunting for small fish, standing in a waterfall in Meru National Park, Kenya.

Hadada Ibis ~ Eating

Hadada Ibis ~

Hadada Ibis ~ Drinking

Hadada Ibis beside a stream, drinking, water dripping from its bill.

Hadada Ibis ~ Muddy Bill

Hadada Ibis with mud on its bill, indicating the depth these birds probe for food.