Great Egret (Ardea alba)
aka Great White Egret & Large Egret

Great Egrets are very large, 36" (92cm) birds. They are completely white, with black legs & feet. A yellow bill, that turns black when breeding. Great Egrets are very similar in features to the Yellow-billed Egret, but considerably larger. The Great Egret's gape extends beyond the eye, while the Yellow-billed Egret's gape stops beneath the eye.

Great Egrets are usually seen on their own, feeding in both marshland and in water as deep as their legs are long.

Great Egrets eat both aquatic and terrestrial animals, as well as fish. It waits patiently for its prey, spearing them with its long sharp bill.

Great Egrets are seen around many of Kenya's large lakes and smaller waterways. Commonly seen in Turkana & central, west and coastal areas. It inhabits both freshwater and coastal waters.

Extra Great Egret Facts
Great Egrets were hunted nearly to extinction in America, their plumes being used for hats, in the late nineteenth century. The National Audubon Society, formed for the conservation of birds and in part to stop the killing of birds to use their plumage, uses the Great Egret as its crest.
Great Egrets fly with their heads retracted and their long legs dangling beneath them.

Photographed at Kenya's Lake Baringo.

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Great Egret ~ Perched

Great Egret perched on branch by lake, big feet.