Sooty Gull (Larus hemprichii)

The Sooty Gull is a large bird, 18.5" (47cm) long, with brown/grey upperparts and 'sooty brown' head, with a white collar at the hindneck. It has a white 'eyebrow' and a smaller white mark below the eye. Its underparts are white, with a grey neck and breast. The bill is a grey yellow - turning bright yellow when breeding, with a black band and red tip.

The Sooty Gull is a gregarious bird, found in small, same species groups or large, mixed flocks..
The Sooty Gull is a scavenger, using its strong beak to break up edible matter washed ashore. Occasionally, will take clams and other shellfish.

The Sooty Gull is seen all along Kenya's coastline and offshore islands, during most months of the year.

Extra Sooty Gull Facts
The Sooty Gull settles on water, but never dives for food.

Photographed in Kenya's Diani region.

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Sooty Gull ~ Eating Shrimp

A Sooty Gull, eating a shrimp on Kenya's Diani beach