Gabar Goshawk (Micronisus gabar)

Gabar Goshawks are medium-sized birds, 11-14" (28-36cm), females being larger than males. These birds are comparatively small for 'true' hawks. They have grey upperparts, head and breast. The belly and sides are white, with grey bars and under the tail is white. The tail has bands of black above and grey below. They have dark red eyes and black bills. The cere (base of the bill), gape, legs and feet are a pale red.
A dark morph (melanistic) Gabar Goshawk also exists. It is black, except for grey bands on its tail and flight feathers.

Gabar Goshawks are noprmally seen on their own, perched on tree tops, where they swoop down on their prey. During the breeding season, males call for mates and chase them through trees.

Gabar Goshawks mainly eat small birds, capturing them either in flight or on the ground. They also eat small mammals and reptiles, as well as insects, on occasion.

Gabar Goshawks are seen all over Kenya, in bush and woodland areas with low rainfall, up to 2,000 metres.

Extra Gabar Goshawk Facts
Gabar Goshawks collect spiders and their webs, when nest building. Although the reasons for this are unclear, it is believed the webs camoflage the nest, while the spiders eat insects that would otherwise affect the youngsters.

Photographed Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Gabar Goshawk ~ with Avian Prey

Gabar Goshawk in Acacia tree, with a small bird it had caught and was about to eat.

Gabar Goshawk ~ With Blood On Beak

A Gabar Goshawk, with its prey inside an Acacia tree, with blood on its beak.