Emerald-spotted Wood Dove (Turtur chalcospilos)

Emerald-spotted Wood Doves are small, 8" (20cm) birds, even by Dove standards. These are colourful birds, brown-ish on top, with iridescent green spots on its wings. The underparts show pink chests and white rears. The grey head has a bill that is either black (north of equator) or dull red, with a black tip (south of equator). Its tail has black bars. On flight, it shows chestnut brown flight feathers. The emerald spots, for which this bird is known, can appear black or blue, in certain light.
The similar Blue-spotted Wood Dove has a yellow tipped black bill and is seen in more humid areas, particularly western Kenya.

Emerald-spotted Wood Doves are seen either singly, or in pairs, foraging on the ground, walking like automatons. When alarmed, it flushes noisily, its wings making a loud clap in a series of rapid wing-beats.

Emerald-spotted Wood Doves eat mainly vegetation, but will also take insects.

Emerald-spotted Wood Doves are seen all over Kenya, below 1,600 metres, except in the Lake Victoria basin. They prefer dry woodland areas and coastal forests, as well as cultivated areas.

Extra Emerald-spotted Wood Dove Facts
Doves & Pigeons can drink water without raising their beaks, like all other birds have to.

Photographed in Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, feeding from the ground amongst woodlands.

Emerald-spotted Wood Dove ~ Walking

An Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, walking through grass in Kenya.