Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegyptiaca)

Egyptian Geese are very large, 29" (74cm) birds, redish-brown on top and beige below. A flash of iridescent green may be seen from its wing (distinct on top of wing, when flying), along with white, orange, brown and black. An orange-brown eye, set inside a brown eye-patch. Pink legs and (webbed) feet that turn darker when breeding. In all, a very distinctive bird, unlikely to be confused with any other. The female is smaller than the male.

Egyptian Geese are monogamous (form life-long partnerships) and are very territorial. Fights between couples are frequently seen, even in the air, which can turn into spectacular "dog-fights". Males are normally quiet birds, only 'quacking' when aroused - or honking, during courtship displays. The female, by comparison, is far more vocal, especially when around her chicks. Although it is the female that builds the nest, both parents tend the young until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

Egyptian Geese eat mostly seeds, but are often seen eating grass, leaves, stems and tubers on land. When in water, they eat algae and aquatic plants. Occasionally, they will also eat termites, worms, locusts and other small insects.

Egyptian Geese are seen all over Kenya, below 3,000 metres, wherever there is a body of water. In particular, dams, slow-moving rivers, water holes and lakes.

Extra Egyptian Goose Facts
Egyptian Geese were held sacred by the ancient Egyptians and a lot of artifacts depict these birds.

Photographed in Kenya's Nairobi National Park, Lake Baringo, Mfangano Island and Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Egyptian Geese Drinking ~ Pair Drinking

A pair of Egyptian Geese, drinking from Lake Baringo, in Kenya's Great Rift Valley.

Egyptian Geese ~ Mfangano Island

A pair of Egyptian Geese resting on a white rock on Mfangano Island in Kenya's Lake Victoria.

Egyptian Goose ~ Portrait

A close-up portrait of an Egyptian Goose, taken during the last rays of sunlight.

Egyptian Goose ~ Fight

A fight between two male Egyptian Geese, with wings raised and showing the grip of shoulder flesh.

Male Egyptian Goose Protecting Territory

Two male Egyptian Geese fighting in shallow water in Kenya's Nairobi National Park dam.

Egyptian Goose ~ Wings Spread

An egyptian Goose, with wings spread, showing the rainbow of colours its wings normally hide.

Egyptian Geese ~ Intent

A pair of Egyptian Geese, intently looking out across the dam in Kenya's Nairobi National Park.

Egyptian Goose ~ Full Size

A full-sized photograph of an Egyptian Goose, taken in Nairobi National Park.

Egyptian Goose ~ Eating

An Egyptian Goose, eating grass corms in Nairobi National Park.

Egyptian Goose ~ & Goslings Swimming

Egyptian Goose mother walking beside river, while her four goslings swim alongside.

Egyptian Goose ~ Gosling, Close-up

A close-up, full-sized photograph of an Egyptian Gosling chick.

Egyptian Geese ~ Swimming

A family of Egyptian Geese, swimming in single file along a quiet stream in Kenya.

Egyptian Goose ~ Gosling Portrait

An Egyptian Gosling, standing beside a stream in Kenya.

Egyptian Goose ~ Goslings Slide

Four Egyptian Goslings, sliding down a steep slope, one on its backside.

Egyptian Goose ~ Gosling Sub-Adults

A female Egyptian goose with nine sub-adult Goslings, walking across a stream.