Dimorphic Egret (Egretta dimorpha)

Some consider this to be a race of Little Egret. There are two morphs; dark and white.
The more common dark morph is between dark grey and black, with an off-white chin and throat. Eyes are yellow. Feet are yellow and legs, black. When breeding, the toes turn to a brighter yellow, or orange-yellow. Base of bill, yellow and face greenish-yellow.
The more uncommon white morph resembles the Little Egret, except for grey facial skin, which turns bright pink when courting, along with its toes and base of bill.
Both morphs are very large, 25" (64cm) birds.

Dimorphic Egrets are similar, in many ways, to the Little Egret, but are an entirely marine-based bird. Usually seen solitary, or in loose groups. Mostly seen wading in shallow coastal waters.

Dimorphic Egrets eat fish and other aquatic matter.

Dimorphic Egrets are found in Kenya south of Shimoni, Mombasa, in particular, at Kisite. Also Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia (Tanzanian islands), some Seychelles islands and Madagascar.

Extra Dimorphic Egret Facts
Dimorphic Egrets breed at Kisite and Pemba Island, dispersing from other areas to do so.

Photographed in Zanzibar.

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Dimorphic Egret ~ In Tree

Dark morph of Dimorphic Egret, seen on top of a tree, having roosted the night before.

Dimorphic Egret ~ Beside Swimming Pool

Dark morph of Dimorphic Egret, preening, beside a swimming pool.

Dimorphic Egrets ~ Fishing

Dimorphic Egrets fishing in coastal waters.

Dimorphic Egret ~ White Morph

The white morph of a Dimorphic Egret, very similar to a Little Egret, seen fishing in coastal waters.