Dark Chanting Goshawk (Melierax metabates)

Dark Chanting Goshawk are large, 22" (56cm) birds, with dark grey upperparts, head and breast. Its rump and balance of underparts are barred grey and white. The bill is coral pink, tipped with black. Legs and feet are also coral pink. Eyes are brown.
The Dark Chanting Goshawk closely resembles the Eastern Chanting Goshawk, whose cere and gape are yellow.

Dark Chanting Goshawk are usually solitary and seen perched on top of trees or posts, in full sight.

Dark Chanting Goshawks eat birds (often taking them in flight), snakes and other reptiles. It will take carrion, if nothing else is available, preferring live meat.

Dark Chanting Goshawk are seen in NW Kenya, from west of Lake Turkana, down to Kitale. Also around Lakes Baringo and Bogoria. I have seen them in Mara GR, too. Usually seen around bushed and wooded grasslands.

Extra Dark Chanting Goshawk Facts
Dark Chanting Goshawk pairs set up a melodious "weee ~ pee ~ pee ~ pee" mutual call, before making a nest, at breeding time.

Photographed in Kenya's Masai Mara.

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Dark Chanting Goshawk ~ Eating A Snake

Dark Chanting Goshawk ~ Eating A Snake

Dark Chanting Goshawk ~ Perched

Dark Chanting Goshawk, perched on a branch, looking downwards for rodents and snakes.

Dark Chanting Goshawk ~ Perched On One Leg

Dark Chanting Goshawk, perched on one leg.