Crowned Plover (Vanellus coronatus)
aka Crowned Lapwing

Crowned Plover are a medium-sized, 12" (30cm) bird, with brown upperparts, face and chest. Its chin is off-white. A distinctive black crown is encircled by white and then black, sits above yellow eyes and a bright pink bill with black tip. Its flanks and belly are white. Black flight feathers are separated from the brown upper wing by a diagonal white band and very distinctive in flight. Long, bright pink legs enable this bird to wade in fairly deep water.

Crowned Plover are seen in small family groups, or pairs. This is a bird that pairs for life. It is extremely noisy, especially during breeding season, when it flies around and dive-bombs intruders in a daring fashion.

Crowned Plovers feed on insects, crustaceans, other invertabrates and occasionally, small vertabrates. The alternate between standing stock-still - and - running, then stamping and leg trembling, to dislodge their prey.

Crowned Plover are found in many central, north and south-west areas of Kenya, below 3,000 metres. Not seen at the coast and infrequently around the Lake Victoria basin. Most often seen around dry, grassy plains and cultivated areas.

Extra Crowned Plover Facts
The predators of Crowned Plovers eggs and chicks are Jackals, birds of prey and Southern Ground Hornbills. Despite the difference in size, Crowned Plovers fearlessly dive-bomb these predators, coming dangerously close and putting on a breathtaking spectacle.

Photographed in Kenya's Nairobi NP & Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Crowned Plover ~ Portrait

Head and shoulders portrait of a Crowned Plover.

Crowned Plover ~ Walking

Crowned Plover (Lapwing) walking, with one foot raised.

Crowned Plover ~ With African White-backed Vulture

Crowned Plover (Lapwing), photographed alongside a huge African White-backed Vulture)