Coqui Francolin (Francolinus coqui)

The Coqui Francolin is a small, 11" (28cm) Francolin, streaked with brown, buff and black on top, while underparts are barred black and white. The head has a rufous crown. The bill is black, with a yellow base. Legs and feet are yellow and males have a spur on their legs, above the foot. Both male and female have buffy faces - the male with a black spot on the ear covert - the female with a black line above and extending beyond the eye and a black line below the eye, joining at the throat.

Coqui Francolin are very shy birds, usually seen in pairs, or family groups. Hunted for their meat, these game birds are very shy. In game parks, less shy, but will often crouch in long grass. They run, rather than fly and suddenly burst out of hiding, shrieking loudly, flapping their small, rounded wings.
Coqui Francolin make small nests; a shallow depression, under tufts of grass or bushes. Their complex markings make them difficult to spot when sitting on the nest.

Coqui Francolin eat insects, seeds, grass, tubers and small fruit. They will scratch at the ground, like a chicken, looking for food.

The Coqui Francolin is an uncommon bird, seen in Kenyan woodlands and savanna below 2,000 metres. There are two separate sub-species - Francolinus coqui coqui at the coast, Tsavo East and Arabuko-Sokoke Forest - and - Francolinus coqui hubbardi in central Rift Valley to west Kenya Highlands and Masai Mara GR.

Extra Coqui Francolin Facts
The male Coqui Francolin has a squeaky call "Co-ki ~ Co-ki ~ Coki", from which they got their name.
Coqui Francolin males have a spur on each leg, with which they do territorial battle with other males.

Photographed in Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Coqui Francolin ~ Female Portrait

Coqui Francolin female portrait, showing the face markings.

Coqui Francolin ~ Male, Calling

A male Coqui Francolin, calling "Co-ki ~ Co-ki ~ Co-ki", from which this species got their name.

Coqui Francolin ~ Female & Nest

A female Coqui Francolin, beside her nest, under a grassy bank.

Coqui Francolin ~ Flapping Wings

Male Coqui Francolin, stretched up, flapping its wings.

Coqui Francolin ~ Running

A male Coqui Francolin, running in open ground, showing the spur on his leg.

Coqui Francolin ~ Male, Stretching

Male Coqui Francolin, stretched up beside a tree, to get an 'insect', which turns out to be tree sap.

Coqui Francolin ~ Female

Portrait of a female Coqui Francolin in low sunlight.

Coqui Francolin ~ Female, Hiding

Female Coqui Francolin, hiding in tall grass, showing her plumage blending in with the surroundings.

Coqui Francolin ~ Male, Portrait

Portrait of a male Coqui Francolin in low sunlight.