Common Bulbul (Pycnonotus barbatus)
aka Dark-capped Bulbul

The Common Bulbul is a small bird, 7" (18cm), with brownish upperparts and a black head and throat, that blends into its brown chest. Its belly is white. Bright yellow under-tail coverts. In the north of Kenya, this bird features a white neck patch and tips on the tail and is known locally as the White-eared Bulbul.

The Common Bulbul is usually seen in pairs, or small family groups, either in trees, bushes or on the ground, foraging.

The Common Bulbul eats fruit from trees and bushes, or ripe, fallen fruit on the ground. If they get familiar, they will invade houses and scavenge from kitchens. A common visitor to garden bird tables.

The Common Bulbul is one of Kenya's most common birds, living everywhere from sea-level to 3,000 metres. Not seen in dense forest areas.

Extra Facts
The Common Bulbul has a range of different calls, depending on the occasion. The more excited they get, the more they raise and quiver their wings.

Photographed in Kenya's Capital, Nairobi. Also, Lake Baringo and Nairobi National Park.

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Common Bulbul ~ Preening Pair

Pair of Common Bulbuls, perched on a branch, preening each other.

Common Bulbul ~ Inquisitive

Common Bulbul perched on balcony rail of an apartment, where it got used to human company.

Common Bulbul ~ Playing Peek-a-Boo

Common Bulbul, clinging to a pillar covered in rope.

Common-Bulbul ~ with Raised Crown Feathers

Common Bulbul, perched on top of a fruiting bush in Kenya's Nairobi National Park.

Common Bulbul ~ Eating Fruit

Common Bulbul, with a very large fruit in its beak, perched on top of a fruit tree.