Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis)

The Cattle Egret is a large, 22" (56cm) all-white bird, with yellow loral skin, bill and eyes. Its legs are black or yellow-green, unless breeding, when they turn yellow (bright red for a time) and it develops a pale orange crest, breast and back plumes. It is a stocky bird, with short legs and very long toed feet.

The Cattle Egret is a gregarious Heron, often seen in the company of other Herons and Storks. Sometimes, large flocks can be seen in the company of herbivores, often riding on their backs. When flying, flocks form disorderly V-shaped formations. The Cattle Egret is often found near water, preening and roosting with hunched-up necks.

The Cattle Egret eats insects, often relying on grazing animals, Buffalo, Elephant etc; to disturb them.

The Cattle Egret is a common resident of grasslands and pastures throughout Kenya.

Extra Facts
The Cattle Egret's call is harsh-sounding. A croaky affair "kark-kark-croc".

Photographed in Meru National Park.

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Cattle Egret ~ Lit by the Sun

Cattle Egret, standing on a log in open sunlight.

Cattle Egret ~ Bright Yellow Eye

A Cattle Egret, with its bright yellow eye caught in sunlight, standing on a timber log.

Cattle Egret ~ Preening

A Cattle Egret, preening itself on a large log, with its long toes very evident.

Cattle Egret ~ Freshly Preened

A Cattle Egret, standing on a log, with feathers in its bill from preening.