Bushbuck (Tragalaphus scriptus)

The Bushbuck is the smallest of the spiral-horned Antelope, found in the West of Kenya up to 3000m, south of Turkana and along the coast as far as the Somalia border. They are approximately 57" (1.45 metres) long, plus a tail measuring approximately 8" (20cm). It stands 30" (75cm) at the shoulder and weighs between 66lbs (30kg) and 100lbs (45kg).
The Bushbuck has variable colours, with a dark brown to reddish-brown coat, sometimes featuring white spots and stripes on the sides. An identifying feature are the two white stripes on the throat. Only the Ram features horns, which are a shallow spiral-shape. He also features an erect crest of hair along his back.

A single fawn is born after a gestation period of 180 days, weighing approximately 9lbs (4kg). Births peak with rainfall and the fawn lies up in dense cover. Bushbuck live for up to 12 years in captivity.

Bushbuck are taken by all the big cats. Spotted Hyena and Nile Crocodile also feature in the list of predators. Man has had an impact on the habitat loss of this species, taking over much of its natural habitat, pushing it into National Parks and even those are being eroded. It is also hunted for bushmeat.

Bushbuck do not herd, like other Antelope and are mostly seen singly, or ewes with fawns. They stay in woodland areas, with heavy bush cover, mostly in riverine areas. Occasionally, they enter open areas, but retreat as soon as presence is felt. They are mainly nocturnal animals, although they can be observed feeding during early morning or late evening.

Bushbuck eat a range of leaves, flowers, fruit, grass and agricultural crops.

Other Facts
The Bushbuck's call is like a sharp bark from a dog.

Photographed in Kenya's Nairobi National Park & Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Bushbuck ~ Male, Walking

Male Bushbuck, walking beside the edge of a forest in Kenya.

Bushbuck ~ Female, Eating Leaves

Female Bushbuck eating leaves in Kenya's Nairobi National Park.

Bushbuck ~ Male

Male Bushbuck, walking out of a forest clearing in Kenya.