Brown Parrot (Poicephalus meyeri)
aka Meyer's Parrot

Meyer's (Brown) Parrot is a small bird, 9" (23cm) is grey-brown on top, with a yellow band across its crown and yellow 'shoulders', reaching under the wing. It has a green belly and rump. A black bill, legs and feet. A distinctive feature are its deep red eyes.

Meyer's (Brown) Parrot are usually in pairs or small groups, blending in with the foliage of fruiting trees.

Meyer's (Brown) Parrot eats fruit, especially Kenya Greenheart.

Meyer's (Brown) Parrot are found in the west of Kenya, as far east as Nairobi.

Extra Facts
The Brown Parrot is also known as Meyer's Parrot. Brown, it is, in parts, but a shame to name it such, given its other glorious colours. Dr Bernhard Meyer (1767 - 1836) was a physician and keen ornithologist, but there is no evidence to suggest he ever travelled to Africa, where this species is endemic.

Photographed in Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Brown Parrot ~ Perched

Brown (Meyer's) Parrot, perched on top of a fruit tree.

Brown Parrot ~ Eating

A Brown (Meyer's) Parrot, eating fruit, on top of a tree canopy.

Meyer's Parrot ~ Perched

Meyer's (Brown) Parrot, calling, from a tree top.

Meyer's Parrot ~ Eating

A Meyer's (Brown) Parrot, eating a fruit, holding it in a claw.

Brown Parrot ~ Upside-Down

A Brown (Meyer's) Parrot, hanging upside-down on a branch, eating fruit.

Meyer's Parrot ~ On Branch

A Meyer's (Brown) Parrot, walking along a branch, with its head turned.