Bronze Sunbird (Nectarinia kilimensis)
aka Bronzy Sunbird

The Bronze Sunbird is a small bird; the male, 9" (23cm) and female 5" (13cm). The male has a lusterous bronze-green head, neck, mantle, throat and upper breast. The rest of his plumage is purple-black. The female is olive-brown above, with a dusky mask and buffy stripe over her eye. The throat is also buffy. The underparts are dull yellow, with darker streaks. Both sexes have long, decurved bills.
Bronze Sunbirds are most often seen in cultivated areas and forest edges.

The Bronze Sunbird is a flower-probing bird, taking nectar and small insects. They pierce the base of the flower, to gain easier access to the nectar.

The Bronze Sunbird is found between 1,200 - 2,800 metres, from central Kenya, north-west to north of Lake Victoria and south, to Kilimanjaro.

Extra Facts
The Bronze Sunbird's call is like a stuttering motorbike "sput - sput - sput - sput - cheetiswooi - sput - tsweep".

Photographed in Kenya's Nairobi National Park and Nairobi gardens.

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Bronze Sunbird ~ Female, Perched

A female Bronze Sunbird, perched on the broad leaf of a balcony plant.

Bronze Sunbird ~ Female, Side-Glance

A female Bronze Sunbird, perched on a broad leafed plant, glancing over her shoulder.

Bronze Sunbird ~ Male

A male Bronze Sunbird, hanging vertically from a tall pine, in a Nairobi garden.

Bronze Sunbird ~ Male, Perched

Male Bronze Sunbird, perched on top of an attractive pine tree.

Bronze Sunbird ~ Male, on Acacia

Male Bronze Sunbird, perched on an Acacia branch, in Kenya's Nairobi Park.