Brimstone Canary (Serinus sulphuratus)

The Brimstone Canary is a small bird 5.5" (14cm). Stocky, in appearance, the male is brighter than the female or juveniles. He has yellow superciliary stripes and light, dusky-olive ear-coverts. His malar stripe, crown and nape are plain olive-green. His mantle and rump are olive-green, with dark streaks. His underparts are plain yellow. Females and Juveniles have faint streaking on the breast. This Canary has a heavy, horn coloured bill.

The Brimstone Canary is one of the least sociable Canaries, found either alone, or in pairs. Often seen perched on bushes, fences, or grass stems.

The Brimstone Canary is a seed eater, its heavy horn coloured bill is ideally adapted to crack open seeds. Very occasionally, if the situation presents itself, it will eat insects.

The Brimstone Canary is commonly found in western Kenya, from the Highlands of Mt Kenya, across to Masai Mara and south, to Kilimanjaro.

Extra Facts
The Brimstone Canary makes a cup-shaped nest out of dead plant and animal material, in the fork of a branch. The nest is just big enough to hold 4 - 5 eggs. The Brimstone Canary has a pleasant call, which is loud and prolonged and consists of twittering phrases and trills, rising at the end.

Photographed in Kenya's Nairobi National Park.

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Brimstone Canary ~ Over Shoulder Look

Brimstone Canary, perched on a branch, looking over its shoulder.

Brimstone Canary ~ Perched

A Brimstone Canary, perched on top of a bush.

Brimstone Canary ~ Perched

Brimstone Canary, perched on the stem of some grasses.

Brimstone Canary ~ Crunching Seed

A Brimstone Canary, crushing flower seeds in its strong bill.

Brimstone Canary ~ Eating

Brimstone Canary eating seeds, perched on branch.