Black-winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus)
a.k.a. Common Stilt

The Black-winged Stilt is a medium sized bird, 15" (38cm), very slender and elegant in appearance. A black and white (pied) bird, although the male has more glossy wings, with a hint of green. The extremely long rose-pink legs, explain its name "Stilt". A long, straight black bill and ruby red eyes. Occasionally, adults show a dark smudge on their heads. In flight, their legs extend well beyond the tail and wings are black below, as well as on top.

The Black-winged Stilt is a very gregarious bird, usually seen in groups.

The Black-winged Stilt alternates between walking on land and wading in water, even up to its belly, picking insects off plants or the water surface. It also feeds from the bottom of the water bed.

The Black-winged Stilt is found widespread on all inland wetlands, coastal creeks & saltpans in Kenya. Common during August to April and some breed near the Great Rift lakes during May-July.

Extra Facts
The Black-winged Stilt has a persistant call "pip-pip-pip".

Photographed in Kenya's Nairobi National Park.

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Black-winged Stilt ~ Wading

Black-winged Stilt wading, foot raised.

Black-winged Stilt ~ Searching

Black-winged Stilt (or Common Stilt), wading in shallow water.

Black-winged Stilt ~ Foot Raised

Black-winged Stilt (or Common Stilt), with its foot raised out of shallow water.

Black-winged Stilt ~ Walking

Black-winged (or Common) Stilt, walking along the shoreline of a dam

Black-winged Stilt ~ Eating

Black-winged Stilt (or Common Stilt) eating, standing in water, with reflection.