Black Stork (Ciconia nigra)

The Black Stork is a very large, 40" (102cm) bird, which has a glossy black top, with white underparts. Its face, bill, legs and feet are all red. It can be confused with Abdim's Stork, but has no blue facial skin.

Usually solitary, sometimes in pairs, the Black Stork is a shy bird, usually seen at a water's edge.

Black Storks eat aquatic insects, fish and frogs, either from grassy banks, or lunging Heron-like in the water margins.

The Black Stork is found in the West half of Kenya, except for near the Sudan border. Most often seen in Nairobi National Park.

Extra Facts
The Black Stork is an uncommon bird, seen in Kenya from October to April and is a palaearctic migrant, returning to Europe in the Summer.

Photographed in Olare Orok Conservancy, bordering Masai Mara.

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Black Stork ~ Flying

Black Stork in flight over Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy.