Black Kite (Milvus migrans) - and - Yellow-billed Black Kite (Milvus aegyptius)

The Black Kite is a very large, 24" (61cm) bird, which is not black. It is a brown raptor, with a long, slightly forked tail. It has yellow legs and feet.
The Black Kite has a black bill, while the Yellow-billed Black Kite has, as its name suggests, a yellow bill. Both have yellow ceres.

Most often seen in the air, often high-up, on thermals, their wings and tails twisting constantly to keep balance. Towards the end of the day, they 'play-fight', even turning up-side-down to fight claw-to-claw.
Flocks of Yellow-billed Black Kites numbering hundreds appear over Kenya city areas.

Black Kites are opportunists, mostly feeding on carrion, in the company of Vultures.
Yellow-billed Black Kites are classic scavengers, from humans in big cities, towns and villages.
Both Kites eat small vertebrates, insects, birds, bats and fish.

The Black Kite is a palaertic migrant from September to April and seen all over Kenya, in open country with trees, near water.
The Yellow-billed Black Kite is considered to be the native species of Kenya and is a common resident in areas of human habitation.

Extra Facts
Yellow-billed Kites are a problem around airports, where bird strikes have been a problem.

Photographed in Mfangano Island (Lake Victoria) & Nairobi.

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Black Kite ~ In Flight

Black Kite, flying over Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria

Yellow-billed Black Kite ~ Portrait

Yellow-billed Black Kite, perched on dead tree, looking over shoulder.

Yellow-billed Black Kite ~ Looking Left

Yellow-billed Black Kite, perched, looking left over shoulder.

Yellow-billed Black Kite ~ Balancing

Yello-billed Black Kite, balancing on topmost branch of a tree.

Yellow-billed Black Kite ~ Inquisitive

Yellow-billed Black Kite, looking down from treetop perch.

Yellow-billed Black Kite ~ Flying

Yellow-billed Black Kite in flight, viewed from above.

Yellow-billed Black Kite ~ Wings Outstretched

Yellow-billed Black Kite, flying, wings outstretched.