Black-headed Plover (Vanellus tectus)
aka Black-headed Lapwing

The Black-headed Plover is a small, 10" (26cm) bird whose most distinguishing asset is a black crown and a spiked, long-haired crest. Its head, neck and underparts are black and white. It has a pink bill with a black tip and small red loral wattles. It is brown on top, with black flight feathers. Its eyes are yellow-orange, with green inner circles (only seen at very close distance).

Black-headed Plovers are confiding birds (happy to be around humans), usually seen in pairs or small family groups.

Black-headed Plovers eat insects, crustaceans, other invertebrates and rarely, small invertebrates. They either stand still, then run to their prey, or make trembling actions with their legs, to dislodge their prey.

Black-headed Plovers are seen in Kenya in semi-arid areas, to the west of Lake Turkana, down to Lake Bogoria and in the eastern section of the country.

Extra Facts
Both Black-headed Plover parents incubate their eggs and perform distraction displays to lure predators away from the scrape in the ground they call a nest.

Photographed in Kenya's Meru National Park.

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Black-headed Plover

A side-profile of a Black-headed Plover, with its head turned.

Black-headed Plover ~ Walking

Black-headed Plover, walking, with foot raised and toes clenched together.