Banded Martin (Riparia cincia)

The Banded Martin is a small, 6" (15cm) bird, which has two sub-species found in Kenya.
The resident bird, R. c. suahelica is uncommonly seen in the Masai Mara and surrounding areas, also in Turkana.
R. c. erlangeri is a scarcely seen migrant from the Northern tropics, from November to February.

Banded Martins are most often seen in pairs, sometimes small groups. Unlike other Martins, pairs nest by themselves, inside burrows made in soft earth banks. A nest is made from grass and roots, lined with feathers. As well as along rivers, they are found in grassy country.

The Banded Martin hawks insects in the air.

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Extra Facts
The Banded Martin's call is fairly loud and chattering. Martins belong to the Swallow family.

Photographed in Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Banded Martin ~ Calling

Banded Martin, Calling, Beak Open, Perched

Banded Martin ~ Looking Over Shoulder

Banded Martin ~ Looking Over Shoulder