Baglafect Weaver (Ploceus baglafect)
aka Reichenow's Weaver

The Baglafect Weaver is a small, 6" (15cm) bird. The male has a yellow crown, while the female's is black. Both have pale, yellow eyes and black, pointed bills.

Baglafect Weavers are usually seen in pairs or small family groups. They are unlike other Weavers and do not nest in colonies. Their nest is an untidy affair, often attached directly to the main branch of a tree, instead of hanging down from a branch.

Baglafect Weavers eat seeds and insects. They are also regular visitors to garden bird feeders.

Baglafect Weavers are found in central and western parts of Kenya.

Extra Baglafect Weaver Facts
The Baglafect Weaver's call is a buzzing, downward trill.

Photographed in Nairobi.

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Baglafecht Weaver ~ Female

Female Baglafecht Weaver eating

Baglafect Weaver ~ Male, Composite

Two male Baglafect Weavers, showing both front and back

Baglafect Weaver ~ Male, Perched

A male Baglafect Weaver, posing beautifully on a stick of dried wood.