Angola Colobus (Colobus angolensis palliatus)
aka Angola Black-and-White Colobus.

Angola Colobus have a glossy black coat, with very long, white hair around their shoulders. They also have white hair behind their faces and under their chins. Their tails are long, starting out black and gradually becoming white at the end. In Kenya, Angola Colobus are generally only found in the south coastal region and have black faces, while the similar Mantled Guereza, with white fur on their faces are seen in Nakuru, Aberdares & Mt Kenya areas.

A single, all white Angola Dolobus is born, weighing around 1lb (450gm) after a gestation period of 180 days. The baby starts to wean at 2 months, but it takes a year before it is fully weaned. It will live possibly more than 20 years, unless predated. It is between 1 and 2 years before the female will mate subsequently.

Angola Colobus were predated by man, for both their meat and fine coats. Many live in game parks today, seeming to know they are protected. Birds of prey, particularly Verreaux's Eagle and Leopards are the natural predators of Angola Colobus.

Angola Colobus are found in troops of between 2-16, very occasionally more. Usually, there is just one male, with his harem, plus juveniles. Their territories are strongly defended and other troops, or batchelors are chased away from the core area - being around 1,000 acres. If threatened by a predator, the head male jumps up and down, roaring, until the rest of the troop have escaped. In the early morning, they bask in the sun, high up in tree canopies. Most spend their entire time high up in the forest stratain trees, but it isn't unknown for others to forage, or travel, on the ground.
Between feeding, they allow their digestive systems time to work and rest, groom or travel.

Angola Colobus eat mostly leaves, but also take seeds and unripe fruit. In some areas, they confine their eating to just five tree species.

Other Angola Colobus Facts
The Angola Colobus is happy to share his territory with other species of Monkey, but not his own species.
The Angola Colobus is rarely found in Angola.

All images were all taken in the Colobus Conservation forest in Diani, coastal Kenya. The Conservation does much good work in the area, not least the installation of ladders crossing high above the Diani Beach Road, allowing the Colobus Monkeys safe passage.

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Angola Colobus ~ and Baby

Angolan Colobus Monkey and baby, in tree.

Angola Colobus ~ Head

Head of Colobus Monkey, in tree.

Angola Colobus ~ Leaping

Angola Colobus jumping in tree.

Angola Colobus ~ Foot

Foot of Colobus Monkey in tree.

Angola Colobus ~ in Tree

Colobus Monkey in top branches of tree.