African Spoonbill (Platalea alba)

African Spoonbills are very large birds of 36" (91cm). Unmistakable, with its huge grey spoon-shaped bill, bordered with red. Completely white plumage, with red face, legs and feet. The eyes are blue-grey.

African Spoonbills are seen in small groups to large flocks, feeding in shallow water. It feels with its feet and sweeps its bill from side to side.

African Spoonbills eat aquatic insects, frogs, small fish and molluscs.

African Spoonbill are seen in the Rift Valley lakes and South & West of Kenya. They breed around Lake Victoria.

Extra Facts
African Spoonbills are often in the company of Yellow-billed Storks. Spoonbills are strong fliers, with long glides, often in V-shaped formation.

Photographed in Kenya's Nairobi National Park.

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African Spoonbill ~ Bathing

African Spoonbill, bathing in lake in Kenya. Water is splashing up around the bird.

African Spoonbill ~ Preening In Water

African Spoonbill, preening itself after a bath in the large lake in Kenya's Nairobi National Park.

African Spoonbill ~ Preening Its Tail

African Spoonbill, preening its tail-feathers, bent right round to do so with its oddly shaped bill.

African Spoonbills ~ Eating & Sleeping

African Spoonbill, eating small aquatic insects and molluscs, while others sleep on the lake bank.

African Spoonbill ~ Fishing

African Spoonbill, fishing in a lake in Kenya.  Its head moves from side-to-side, searching for insects in the water.

African Spoonbill ~ Standing In Lake

Portrait of an African Spoonbill, standing side-on to the camera, in lake waters in Kenya.

African Spoonbill ~ Catching Food

African Spoonbill, 'catching' some weed in a lake in Kenya.  It discarded the weed, eating the insects attached to it.

African Spoonbill ~ Catching A Mollusc

African Spoonbill, catching a mollusc in the tip of its long bill, in a lake in Kenya.

African Spoonbill ~ Using Foot & Bill

African Spoonbill, a foot in its long bill, to turn food around before swallowing it.

Affrican Spoonbill ~ Walking

African Spoonbill, walking across a lake bank, using long strides.

African Spoonbill ~ Preening by Lakeside

African Spoonbill, with fluffed-up feathers, during a preening session beside a lake in Kenya.