African Golden Weaver (Ploceus subaureus)
aka Eastern Golden Weaver - or - Yellow Weaver

The male African Golden Weaver is yellow, with olive on the crown and face. During breeding, his yellow colour turns very bright, with a wash of green on the back and his crown, face and throat turn a red-orange. His bill is black. His eyes are pink-red; a diagnostic from other yellow weavers.
The female African Golden Weaver is a duller yellow, with streaks of olive in her upperparts. Her bill is black above and horn-coloured below.
African Golden Weavers are small, 5.5" (14cm) birds. Often confused with Holub's Golden Weaver, a larger bird, with different colour eyes and found in different parts of Kenya.

African Golden Weavers are gregarious birds, building round nests near or even over water, made from grass or strips of palm. The outer nest has its entrance at the bottom and an inner chamber with its entrance at the top, to thwart predators.

African Golden Weavers are seed eating birds. Reports suggest that they occasionally take small insects.

African Golden Weavers are found along Kenya's coastline and inland, along the Athi River and its surrounding areas.

Extra Facts
African Golden Weavers usually live in colonies, chattering to each other while the build their nests. If one flies to get food, they all fly.

Photographed in Diani, Mombasa Island.

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African Golden Weaver ~ Weaving Nest

Male African Golden Weaver, in breeding plumage, weaving a nest.