African Darter (Anhinga rufa)

The African Darter is a very large bird of 31" (79cm). It is dubbed 'The Snake Bird', because it is often seen swimming with only its head showing.
The male is a long, slim bird, with a kinked neck and dagger-shaped bill. It is mainly black above, with an olive-green gloss and black below, with elongated, white-striped scapulars and wing coverts. Chestnut coloured neck, with long white lateral stripes. Its bill varies, between yellow, ivory, brownish or dark grey. Eyes arew orange-red. Its breeding plumage shows a rufous foreneck, bordered by two thin white stripes, beginning below the eyes.
The female is duller, with pale brown throat and fainter white stripes. Eyes, as in male.
Immature is brown above and pale buff below.

African Darters are usually solitatry. The use of gill nets has decimated all populations. It is now an uncommon bird of freshwater bodies. It is a strong flier, with a distinct kinked neck. Usually silent.

African Darters ear fish and other aquatic animals.

African Darters are seen in some of Kenya's Great Rift Valley lakes and in the Southern half of Kenya, particularly along lower Tana river.

Extra Facts
African Darters, like Cormorants, often perch with wings outstretched to dry, due to plumage not being fully waterproof.

Photographed at Kenya's Lake Baringo.

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African Darter ~ "The Snake Bird"

African Darter or Snake Bird, head turned on tree-top.

African Darter ~ Perched

African Darter or Snake Bird, perched on tree-top.