Abyssinian Scimitarbill (Rhinopomastus minor)

The Abyssinian Scimitarbill is small, 9.5" (24cm) bird.
Adult male and female are similar. It has glossy purple-black upper-parts and matt black beneath, with a short, rounded tail. No white in plumage at all. Legs and feet are black. The adult's distinguishing feature is its long, strongly decurved, orange-red bill, which is dark, in young birds.

Abyssinian Scimitarbill are usually seen in pairs, working their way up the trunk and branches of a tree, calling to each other "keree-keree-keree", to maintain contact. It may be seen in multiple pairs, where there is an abundance of food.

Abyssinian Scimitarbills probe the bark of trees for invertabrates. If there is an abundance of food, several pairs may be seen together.

Abyssinian Scimitarbills are not a common bird, but is a widespread resident of Kenya's dry savanna and Acacia woodlands, except to the north-west of Nairobi, in the higher areas.

Extra Abyssinian Scimitarbill Facts
Abyssinian Scimitarbills are similar to Common Scimitarbill, which has a black bill & Green Wood-hoopoe, which has a bright red bill

Photographed in Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Abyssinian Scimitarbill ~ Eating

Abyssinian Scimitarbill, pulling a bug from the fork of an Acacia tree.

Abyssinian Scimitarbill ~ in Acacia

Abyssinian Scimitarbill perched in an Acacia tree, bill open.

Abyssinian Scimitarbill ~ Extracting Grub

Abyssinian Scimitarbill, winkling out a bug, using top mandible.

Abyssinian Scimitarbill ~ Perched

Abyssinian Scimitarbill perched on bole of Acacia tree trunk.