Abdim's Stork (Ciconia abdimii)

Abdim's Stork is a very large bird, 30" (75cm) but the smallest of all true Storks.
The adult male and female are similar. A glossy purple-black bird on top, with white underparts and rump, which are visible in flight. The facial skin is blue, making a distinction between this and the Black Stork. It has a red lore and eye-ring. The short bill, legs and feet are green-grey, streaked with red.
The immature bird is more dull and brown.

Abdim's Stork is very gregarious & nomadic. When not endlessly walking on the ground, it can be seen soaring on thermals, in huge flocks numbering hundreds or even thousands. It is not aquatic and is found in open grassland and farmland, often near human habitation.

Abdim's Stork eats grasshoppers, locusts, small reptiles and amphibians. Often seen feeding opportunistically in the company of the White Stork.

An intra-African migrant, Abdim's Stork breeds in central Africa, where it is considered to be a good luck symbol, because it arrives with the rains. Seen in Kenya between late-October to mid-April.

Extra Abdim's Stork Facts
Abdim's Stork was named after the Governor of Wadi Halfa, Ben El-Arnaut Abdim, a Turk who worked in the Sudan in the 19th century.

Photographed in Kenya's Olare Orok Conservancy.

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Abdim's Stork ~ Foot Raised

Abdim's Stork, one foot raised, in the wet savanna of Kenya.

Abdim's Stork ~ Eating

Abdim's Stork, feeding on an aquatic insect in waterlogged savanna in Kenya.